Rental Category Descriptions

Homes/Apartments: homes, apartments etc...meant to be rented for an extended period of time.

Rental Types include:
Residential Homes Apartments Condos Duplex
Multiple Family Basement Suite Rural Homes Mobile Homes

Vacation Homes: homes, cottages, cabins meant to be rented for short periods of time during the summer or winter season.

Rental Types include:
Cottages Chalets Condos Residential Homes
Cabins Lakefront    

Recreational/Sports Rentals: includes motorhomes, campers, boats and sports equipment for summer or winter seasons

Rental Types include:
ATVs Snowmobiles Motorcycles Motorhomes
Campers Trailers RVs Tent Trailers
Speed Boats Watercraft Ski Equipment Fishing Equipment
Canoes Kayaks Bicycles Houseboats

Ski Resorts: anything to do with the ski resorts in the Okanagan including living accommodations, equipment rentals and more...

Everything Else for Rent: these items are to be listed in the Rental Directory and include rental services and small rentals

Rental Types include:
Wedding Rentals Clothing Rentals Party Rentals Tool Rentals
Car Rental Limousine Service Hall Rentals Display Rentals
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